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Arturo Maxwell


Arturo Maxwell, PhD, MCC, CCP is the founder and CEO of Destined2Excel, an executive and life coaching firm in operation for almost 20 years. He earned a PhD in OD Psychology, with an emphasis in Executive Coaching and he holds a Masters degree in Fine Arts. He is a Master Certified Coach and Certified Coach Practitioner. Arthur is member of several organizations including: the World Coach Institute (WCI), and the Certified Coaches Federation (CCF). Arthur has coached hundreds of clients to achieve their goals and dreams. He has been in business for almost 20 years, and was a university professor for fifteen years prior to launching his business. He loves golf and engaging conversation.

Dr. A. Maxwell exemplifies leadership, empathy, honesty and reliability. Highly respectful and professional, he always goes above and beyond expectations.  Dr. Maxwell is the ideal professional that can provide you with the orientation, guidance and equip you with the necessary tools you will need to be highly successful in achieving your professional and personal goals. I have sought his counsel in the past and have been more than happy with his objectivity and foresight.  Dr. Maxwell will definitely exceed your expectations and help you excel.

Arturo is an insightful individual that uses proven research and strategies to bring out the best in people. Your weaknesses will be recognized and addressed to be used to your advantage. Your strengths will be capitalized to achieve your full potential.


Medical Doctor

Magdaline DelValle



"Arthur is an excellent coach. His empathy abounds but at the same time he is able to show you where you are successful in life, where you err and where you can be more successful. He excels at helping you find the best in yourself, and helps you realize it was there all along just waiting to come out."

Andrew Roy

Director, Revenue Cycle Management

"Arturo is a person of deep understanding and empathy. He has been gifted with the ability to see in people talents and skills that others do not. His testing and questions are almost unbelievably insightful, often revealing both strengths and weaknesses. And he ultimately, once having gained your trust, will patiently and unerringly bring out the best in you."

Isidro Monteso


Architech, Creative Structures

"Arturo is an organized and resourceful leader. He is a demonstrated change agent who can motivates other to succeed no matter how difficult the endeavor or complex the goal. I have known him to be an individual of strong character, strong work ethic and driven to succeed and help others in their path to success."

David Fernandez

Director, Van Burren Department of Human Services

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