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Destined2Excel is focused on delivering results-oriented executive coaching at the C-Suite and junior management levels. We also provide individual, 360 degree, and organizational assessments.

Executive Coaching

At Destined2Excel Executive coaching is incisive, insightful, empathetic, data driven, accountable, and results-oriented.


Everyone has blind spots! Even the most accomplished. Blind spots can be embarrassing and very costly. However, at the executive level, the impact can be much greater.


Are you seeking better clarity in your situational analysis and decision-making? Do you have a new executive joining your organization or changing roles? Do you have a Rockstar leader that you’d like to empower and promote, but who often has interpersonal conflicts?


Coaching is considered the most effective corporate training method. Destined2Excel can help resolve these and other challenges.


Junior Management Coaching

It could cost approximately $14000 to replace a junior manager and it could take up to 94 days. If you consider the financial impact on your organization during the period that the position remains unfilled, the costs would be even greater.

Junior managers are often the core operational leadership of an organization and they serve as vital bridges between senior management and other staff. They are also key for disseminating company culture.

Coaching is usually "reserved" for senior management. However, organizations may be well served by considering coaching for junior management.

Coaching can help you transition or retain a promising junior manager and enhance the performance of others..

Team Coaching

In a recent survey, 70 percent of employees reported being members of a team.

Are the teams in your organization functioning optimally? Great team cohesion is priceless!

On the other hand, poor team dynamics results in low morale, decreased productivity, stagnated creativity, and often leads to huge losses in revenue.


Let us guide your teams to a higher level of cohesion, creativity, and performance.

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